Lake Erie fishing charters - walleye, smallmouth and perch

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Lake Erie Charters

Badman Charters
Walleye   Smallmouth Bass   Yellow Perch
 Dockage is located at West Harbor Marina, minutes east of Port Clinton, Ohio
Spring trolling trophy walleye

Lake Erie Fishing Charters

Badman Charter Service

Anglers have the choice to fish for any species and use any method while on your Lake Erie fishing trip. Whether it's trolling, jigging or drifting for walleyes. Many fishing Charters will begin with one method, but ending with another if fishing is slow.   Location for each day charter, whether it's Lake Erie waters of Ohio or Ontario will be discussed and recommendations will be offered for each charter.
Sometimes your trip shouldn't be limiting you to just Ohio waters, it's possible to fish both sides of the border, Ontario and Ohio waters on any of your Lake Erie Fishing Charters!

  • This is to your advantage, which means more fish opportunities, giving you "Greater Angler Success"
  • On Lake Erie charters in Ontario waters around Pelee Island, anglers can still use two rods!
  • As the summer leads into fall,  when it's tough in Ohio, some of the best fishing is found in Ontario waters of Lake Erie  
  • Pelee Island, fishing for walleyes, perch and smallmouth bass!!

Before arriving up on Lake Erie, If you need to purchase your Canadian fishing license for your Lake Erie fishing trip, you can click On-line purchase of Ontario fishing license.
Catch and release smallmouth bass
Another nice walleye

Lake Erie fishnig charter walleye     

This is what you can fish for on Lake Erie!

Lake Erie limits:
April Walleye limit is 4/day per angler, while
May thru Oct. Walleye limit is 6/day per angler

Yellow Perch limit is 30/day per angler
Smallmouth Bass limit is 5/day per angler
Lake Erie Charter Rates
(1-6 persons)

Standard Lake Erie Walleye or Smallmouth Charter:  $600
Includes: All Bait**, Ice, Lures,Tackle*

Perch Charter:  $525
Includes: All Bait**, Ice, Lures,Tackle*
This charter is for  perch only.  

Extended Combination:  $700
Walleye/Smallmouth Bass/Yellow Perch
Includes: All Bait**, Ice, Lures,Tackle* [10 hr. min. trip]

Executive Trip:  $800
Includes: Ice,All Bait**, Lures,Tackle*
Deluxe lunch, soft drinks and other beverages.    
Your catch will be cleaned and iced.     
Lake Erie trip with lodging packages
Extra night lodging
add +/- $35.00 per person

Designed to make prime time seasonal bookings more trouble free and relaxing. The package rates are more affordable then if your charter trip was booked day by day and you had to find your own lodging.   

Lake Erie Walleye or Smallmouth Bass Charter
Packages price's are based on a group of 6
(Bait** included)
2 Days fishing/1 night lodging: $235.00 per person

2 Days fishing/2 night lodging: $270.00 per person

3 Days fishing/2 night lodging: $365.00 per person)

* Note: Tackle is on board for client use at no charge, or feel free to bring your own.
** Note: Soft Craws used for Smallmouth Bass trips are provided at market price.

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