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Nice salmon out of the port of Olcott
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When you book a Lake Erie Fishing Charter

Badman Charters
Walleye   Smallmouth Bass   Yellow Perch
Dockage is located at West Harbor Marina, minutes east of Port Clinton, Ohio

When you book a trip with Badman Charters
Pair of trophy walleye

You can expect alot out of Badman Charters, take a look at what Badman Charters does for you. See for yourself:

> Prior to scheduled date
Badman  Charters want to always talk 2 to 3 days in advance to discuss weather. Along with that, we'll discuss fishing locations and what license's  needed for the trip,

> Start time
Badman  Charters always sets a start time for the trip, but if necessary or  your preferences, start time can be adjusted to start earlier or later,

> No surprises
Never a sur-charge for fuel or unknowing charges,  no surprises!

> Nothing is ever final on the trip until we leave the dock.
Even if weather or preferences change, most times we can change how we fish or where we fish!

> What about fishing licenses
To  be sure we have the correct license for the day, Badman Charters can  purchase non-resident Canadian licenses for anglers on the trip.  This  is often discussed prior to the trip date, but oftentimes a quick change  of plans and I'll have them the morning of the trip waiting at the  dock,

> Never leave the lake early
Always,  expect to fish a full day.  If we would limit early enough to target  additional species, we'll stop on the way back and see if something else  will bite,

> Multi presentational charter
Unlike alot of charters who are set to be a one-method charter service.   There's nothing wrong with that unless you're having a very, very, .......slow day on the lake. Badman Charters is multi-representational.  We can drift, troll and jig fish,  you'll find that you are not locked into one method for the charter,  

> How are we going to fish today?
We  have a way to usually get it done. Many times, we start with a  presentation that just isn't catching that day and oftentimes finish  with a different method and limit at days end. I leave it up to you,

> When nature calls!
Private bathroom facilities, no bucket and poncho!   Ladies  especially will appreciate our full bathroom. Even the men will  appreciate bathroom facilities onboard rather then a bucket.  It's there to use.

> Distance is not important, it's where the best fishing is located
Badman Charters always goes the extra mile

Badman Charters works very hard for you each day!!!!
Nice perch
Trophy Smallmouth Bass
Springtime walleye
Badman Charters
2211 Martins Point Rd.   
Sandusky, Ohio  44870

Cell: (419) 271-2003   
Toll free: (800) 266-2520   
Home: (419) 684-6235
Nice King salmon
Big springtime walleye
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